NFL Spin Zone: Rashad Jennings and His Inspiring Soul

The New York Giants are a team unlike any other in the league. Perhaps more so than any other NFL organization, the Giants value a player’s character when selecting their players. And it pays off. It takes a special person to wear the royal blue uniform of the team and succeed in one of the classiest organizations in any sport.

Rashad Jennings exemplifies what the Giants organization stands for: talent with the dedication and passion for making an impact on and off the field.

There’s no doubt that Jennings is a vital member of the team. I mean, he eluded three defenders on a 51-yard catch-and-run for a touchdown that sealed the Giants’ victory last week against the Buffalo Bills. The week before, Jennings blocked a punt that resulted in a safety on the game’s first drive and sparked a critical 32-21 win against the Washington Redskin. He’s a multi-dimensional running back that catches the ball out of the backfield, blocks, and powers forward to punch it into the end zone.

Even more remarkable than his impact on the field is Jennings’ resiliency and dedication for giving back to the community. Rashad Jennings wants to be remembered as more than a running back and wants his legacy to be that of a motivator. Through The Rashad Jennings Foundation, he aims to “inspire youth by making education fun, to provide mentorship for individual success, and to promote health and fitness worldwide.”

Emphasizing health, fitness, and education is important to Jennings because he struggled in those areas as a child. Yes, Rashad Jennings is in top shape now and has a knack for learning. However, in high school, he was an overweight, asthmatic kid with a 0.6 GPA, reading deficiency and no real shot at making it to the NFL.

Yet, Jennings kept his eye on his dream of playing in the NFL and was able to turn his life around. He didn’t make excuses; he made changes. Now, Jennings serves as a role model to aspiring young athletes, instilling persevere in them to overcome whatever challenges may stand in their way.

It is truly amazing to see the impact that Rashad Jennings has both on the field as a star running back for New York Giants and off the field as a youth motivator. He truly has the heart of a Giant and Jennings’ story should remind everyone to never give up, never back down, and never lose faith.

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